Access and update your mold data from the office on the floor or in the field with automated monitoring
Monitoring Your Assets is as Easy as 1,2,3
  1. Identify & monitor your asset

The first step in the 123 AMS is to identify and track your assets. Identification can be carried out by attaching any combination of a Red E Tag, Red E Vault or RTC to your asset. The Red E Tag's QR code provides basic information, updates the location of your asset and automates several features of the 123 AMS. The Red E Vault allows for secure on board storage of digital information related to your asset and the RTC wirelessly provides location and performance updates.
  1. Collect & protect your asset's data

The next step is to collect and protect your data. Data can be collected in several ways including automatically through the use of our RTC and Gateway products or manual entry into the web or mobile application. Once the data is collected and securely transferred to the online storage facility granular permissions can be assigned to your asset allowing access to employees and trusted partners while blocking unauthorized access to your sensitive digital information.
  1. Let the system do the work for you

The AMS does the data entry for you. Once the RTC is installed on your asset your location and performance data is entered into the system automatically. The system analyzes this performance data and allows key members to be alerted to any number of milestones you have defined. our reporting engine allows for easy access to detailed summaries of your asset's key performance metrics allowing you to quickly assess your

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